Detroit Entrepreneurs: What’s Required To Have The Mindset Of Success?


If you are going to have the mindset of success, you have to learn to accept that not everything is going to go your way. With some hard work and some losses under your belt, you’re ready to go. However, you need the confidence to take those the risks to get there, and you have to be able to stomach the ups and downs. Everyone is different, but the mold for the mindset of success is going to deal with your confidence, though it goes much deeper than that and is dependent upon many other factors.


What do you consider successful? You certainly need confidence, but you also need humility. You have to be a doer and set goals, but you also want to serve others. In the same sense, you want to be a leader, but again, you want to live in service to others. If you aspire to be a business owner, or just as you get older in general, you’re going to have to make some tough decisions. That’s part of life and the ability to critically think and make decisions is part of the mindset of success.


What else would make you successful? Keeping your word, treating people right and not burning bridges helps out a lot. You want to have a large social network of people that you can help and also call on. Do things for your community as well when you can. Do you go to church? If so, get active in your church, too. Being successful is being a person that cares for others and is a good steward of what he or she is given. A successful person also works hard, as that is required to make it in this life and move forward. If you are ready to move forward as a successful person, that’s what it takes.

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